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LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill

The LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill is the ultimate solution for hassle-free pool autofill. Whether you have a pool, spa, pond, tank, or water feature, LevelSmart™ is the dependable and simple retrofit you need. With American-made quality, this pool autofill system is the most reliable on the market. Say goodbye to manual filling and let the LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill take care of maintaining your desired water level, ensuring a stress-free pool experience.
Product Overview
  • 1,000 feet of wireless communication
  • Compact design
  • Simple retrofit installation
  • Adjustable fill rate
  • Maintains desired water level
  • Over-fill protection
  • Uses existing plumbing
  • Compatible with AMI Smart meters
  • Checks water level every 30 minutes
How it works

The LevelSmart™ Sensor wakes up every 30 minutes to check the current water level of your pool, spa, water feature or tank and then wirelessly communicates the information to the Valve Controller. If the current water level is measured below the set level, the Valve Controller will then open the Valve for 7 minutes. The Valve Controller will turn off the Valve after 7 minutes as a failsafe against over-fill. Again, in 30 minutes, the Sensor will check the water level and, if needed, fill for 7 minutes. The Valve Controller will only open the Valve if the current water level is below the level set by the user during installation.The Valve is plumbed into the manual fill line, or it is "T'd" into the return lines, from a water source. The Valve Controller can then open and close the Valve to fill your pool as needed.

What's included
  • LevelSmart™ Valve Controller
  • LevelSmart™ Sensor
  • 1" Hunter Valve
  • Antenna Tip
  • A/B Putty Adhesive
  • Accessory pack

Cost efficient

LevelSmart™ can adapt to your setup, avoiding costly construction and repairs

Eliminate issues

Forget about tripping over hoses, water waste, overfills, and pump burn-outs

Effortless fill

Water level is maintained 24/7 with automatic fills only when your water is low


Nice unit. Remarkably reliable. We're builders in the Northeast; first one installed around 2012 - still working great. Just installed our third autofill on a gutter pool. Satisfied customer. Thanks for a nice piece of equipment.

Mike C.

Retrofit Design

Installing an autofill system has never been easier. Retrofits to your system using wireless communication and a compact design

Simple Installation

Not all great things take time. See just how simple the LevelSmart™ installation is with this quick six-step video.

Wireless Communication

Never worry about filling issues or pump burn-outs again. The LevelSmart™ sensor checks your water level every 30 minutes, wirelessly communicating with the valve controller. The LevelSmart valve controller then opens the valve only if the water is lower than the set level, closing after 7 minutes.

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