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Retrofits to your pool or spa, saving costs on construction and repairs

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Forget about tripping over hoses, overfills, and pump burn-outs

How does the LevelSmart work?

The LevelSmart™ Sensor wakes up every 30 minutes to check the current water level of your pool, spa, water feature or tank and then wirelessly communicates the information to the Valve Controller. If the current water level is measured below the set level, the Valve Controller will then open the Valve for 7 minutes. The Valve Controller will turn off the Valve after 7 minutes as a failsafe against over-fill. Again, in 30 minutes, the Sensor will check the water level and, if needed, fill for 7 minutes. The Valve Controller will only open the Valve if the current water level is below the level set by the user during installation.The Valve is plumbed into the manual fill line, or it is "T'd" into the return lines, from a water source. The Valve Controller can then open and close the Valve to fill your pool as needed.

Can this work for my pool and spa?

LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill is has the amazing capability to retrofit to the majority of pools and spas. There is no need for construction, labor costs, or additional lines. The LevelSmart™ works with your setup, no matter how unique.

What does the LevelSmart Online do?

The LevelSmart™ gives you all of the same amazing benefits of the LevelSmart™ with an additional data ferature. Allowing a new insight into your pool or spa. The online monitoring includes:

  • Remote Monitoring from the LevelSmart App
  • Water level information
  • Temperature information
  • Autofill information
  • Push notifications and alerts
How does this pool filler work?

The LevelSmart™ is wireless pool filler that automatically checks, fills, and maintains your desired water level. The water level sensor checks and communicates with the valve controller every 30 minutes. Only filling the pool when the water is below the set level.

Level up your maintenance

Access your temperature, level, fills, alerts, and more with the Levelsmart Online

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