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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have multiple LevelSmart™ autofills in one area?

Yes, you can have many LevelSmarts within the same area and will not be effected by other units. We use technology that allows each sensor to only communicate with the controller it is paired with. As long as you pair the units at different times there will be no issues. Most commonly customers use separate units for their pool, spa, and water features.

Is the LevelSmart™ Sensor completely wireless?

Yes, the Sensor is 100% wireless and discrete to be out of sight and out of mind. The sensor is wireless and waterproof, ensuring long-lasting communication and leveling.

How do I pair the LevelSmart™ Wireless Autofill

The pairing process takes 2.5 minutes to complete. The pairing process will ensure that you have good communication between the sensor and the valve controller along with a calibrated water level. You can reach the instructions or follow along with the video below. 

Before starting make sure the Antenna and antenna tip is connected and mounted. Also, have the sensor near the installation location if not already adhered.

Put Valve Control in pairing mode

To put the Valve Controller in pairing mode, place the magnet provided on the Valve Controller for more than 16 seconds, then remove it. Once removed, the three LEDs will flash in a scrolling sequence from bottom to top.

Put Sensor in Pairing Mode

Now that the Valve Controller is in pairing mode it's time to activate the pairing mode for the sensor. Take the magnet to the Sensor and engage the Sensor by placing the magnet on the right side for 5 seconds, then remove it. Once removed, the Sensor LED will flash three times from the top center of the Sensor.

Confirm Successful Pairing

Check the Valve Controller to observe the pairing process status.
The Valve Controller Action LED will flash continuously for a total of two and a half minutes while it confirms the connection with the sensor and calibrates the set level. Once this process is finished the solid green action LED will be on the Valve Controller.

If this is not the case, the pairing was unsuccessful and you may have to move the antenna location. Be sure the antenna is not against any metal as that will interfere with the signal. Once you have adjusted the placement restart the pairing process.

Can I use there LevelSmart with an negative edge pool?

Yes, we have thousands of LevelSmarts on negative edge pools. The sensor will live in the catch basin and there is no issue with the sensor being completely submerged.

What power does this unit require?

The LevelSmart operates with a standard 110V 3 pin plug and a transformer that’s supplied in the kit and brings it down to 24V to power the controller and the valve.

Can I adjust the water flow for each fill?

Turn the Flow Control Knob clockwise to decrease the water flow allowed to pass through the valve when opened. To increase the water flow allowed to pass through, turn the Flow Control Knob counterclockwise.

Depending on your specific application and location this may vary. Typically, when using the LevelSmart on a smaller body of water suchas a spa, turn the Flow Control Knob clockwise to decrease the water flow and eliminating overfills. When using the LevelSmart on larger bodies of water you can typically turn the Flow Control Knob clockwise to increase the water flow.

Remember the Solenoid Knob on the valve should always be in the off position to allow the LevelSmart to control the fills. The only time it should be in the on position is if you needing to do a fill manually.

What do the LevelSmart LEDs indicate?

Each illuminated LED represents different functions, so it is
important to understand what each LED indicates.
Sometimes you will have two LEDs illuminated at the same
time. Below is the key to identifying each LED on the Valve Controller.


Alarm, Action, and Sensor all flashing in a sequence:
This represents the Valve controller is in pairing mode
and looking for a sensor to pair with. This is the
default mode of the valve controller and it will continue to
cycle until a Sensor is engaged and communicating. To get into this mode, you can hold the magnet on the valve controller for 15 seconds or longer and remove it.

Action LED flashing:
This represents the LevelSmart is currently in communicating with a Sensor and in the pairing process. This will happen immediately after you engage the Sensor. This pairing process lasts 2.5 minutes. The first 30 flashes are one second apart, and the next 2 minutes of flashes are four seconds apart. Once
successful pairing is completed, the Valve Controller will
show a solid green "Sensor" LED.

Sensor LED:
This represents that the LevelSmart Valve Controller and Sensor are successfully paired and in communication.

Sensor and Action LED:
This represents that the LevelSmart is successfully paired and currently filling, meaning the valve is open.

Sensor and Alarm LED:
This represents the sensor is paired successfully
and the magnet is on the valve controller. You will see this whenever you are using the magnet. If you do not see this, move the magnet around until you observe the red "Alarm" LED indicating it is engaged with the magnet. This is
used during a reset, or a valve check.

How does the LevelSmart Sensor attach to my pool or spa?

The LevelSmart Sensor adheres to your pool with a marine grade A/B epoxy. When mounting your Sensor you will need to knead the epoxy to effectively mix the components and apply it to the back of the Sensor. 

Every LevelSmart comes with A/B epoxy.

Can I use the LevelSmart if I have a pool cover?

Yes, the LevelSmart will continue to fill with or without the pool covering. 

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